Which medical procedures require NPO after midnight?

Surgery excluded, and endoscopy excluded.

The following would also require NPO post midnight:
>>CT Scan requiring sedation and anesthesia
>> Fluoroscopy- RF Gallbladder, RF Upper GI & KUB, RF Upper GI & Small Bowel Series, RF Upper GI W/Air, RF Upper GI W/Air & Barium Swallow, RF Upper GI W/Air & Small Bowel Series, RF Upper GI W/Air Inc KUB, RF Upper GI W/Gastrografin, RF Upper GI W/O Air
>>Complete Ultrasound (US) of Abdomen, Aorta, US Gallbladder, US Liver, US Pancreas, US Spleen, US Rectum.
>>US Guidance Biopsy Thyroid
>>Thyroid 1-123 Uptake and Scan
>> Blood test for sugar
>>Lithotripsy (ESWL)
>>Glucose Tolerance Test

There are still lots mostly related to preparation within imaging and other investigations and before any procedure requiring anesthesia or edation. Help me to evoke.
Aside from surgery and endoscopy, any procedure where the lenient is given an anesthetic or heavy sedation. You don't want a sedated merciful vomiting, then aspirating the vomitus into the windpipe. Other medicine administered during a procedure may produce nausea and vomiting, or simply fear or anxiety may head to n & v, so it is best to begin on an relinquish stomach.

Certain X-ray and ultrasound procedures require that the stomach be empty. This holds true for MRI and other types of medical imaging.

Many blood test are more reliable when drawn in the fast state, including blood lipids. Indeed, some instructions are NPO after the evening meal on the previous daylight, water excepted.
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