Does anyone else hold a headache right in a minute?

I woke up with a headache, and within is an electrical storm on right now - I wonder if to be precise what caused it?

If so, Why and HOW does any one know?
I achieve shocks off of other individuals, carpets and lightswitches, wonder if that may also emulate on this?

Yep, had one nearly adjectives day. The nouns feels really hefty so I think it's something to do beside that. Hopefully the air will clear a bit after the storm though.
No. I suffer migraines, so I wouldn't want one; even if it be the fashion!..
I have one earlier:(
No--thanks for asking. Get yerself the wooliest socks you can find, run around the bureau carpets and nudge yer boss with a jar of--"you get the damned coffee, or I'll closure ya one"!! or a humidifier-one or the other--lol
how spooky. i have a headache that i woke up next to, i really need to enjoy a sleep as i'm so tired. kids are watching shrek 3 so i'll switch off and hold a little kip.
i other have a headache when ever i woke up but , i can stand nd go and get water n medication , u too take med or travel to doctor
i had one since getting up at 12.30pm today i work night lack of sleep i should be because of the storm and melt weather hope ur better soon take keeping
I haven't got a headache but my put money on is killing me.
yep. i enjoy, and without sounding really chance. i feel close to someones drilling holes through my skull
its probably all the cider u necked later nite followed by all that coke u done surrounded by lol

I simply don't get headache.

If I feel slightly smaller number well in the future, I don't define it as a headache. I find if I don't surmise about it, it disappears
yes! and also that ultimate drink last dark
yes it must be the red wine and vodka i had ultimate night
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