If I have have a lot of stress within my life because of the following things (over the years)...
Heart problems
Bullying and rough up
Problems with near extreme weather
Mental health disorders
Miscellanous medical condition
Extremily busy life style
Computer problems

Then if I hold been have 8 hours of sleep a day for the final 2-3 weeks..
Why would I wake so exhausted that I cannot stand up and discern so weak that I nearly literally collaspse?

I enjoy been tested for adjectives medical illness and in attendance is nothing found bar what I have siad.
People say aloud that I am lazy as capably due to the lack of evidence that I do anything.
I acquire a very low body warmth when asleep.

What condition do I have?


yep, i agree beside "lazy"
if your body is used to only operating on 6 hours of sleep and in the future you get 8 or 9 you will stir up tired and you will feel outstandingly lazy. if you munch through junk try not to devour so much, or when you eat breakfast enjoy an apple, apples do better in wake you up in the morning than a mug of coffee does its a irrefutable fact.
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