Are nearby degree's of sterility? Why,or why not?

Its an all-or-none proposition. Kinda like man partially pregnant, it basically doesn't make sense.
no, Sterility is defined as "free from living germs or microorganisms" which channel that an object is any free or it is not. an object nearby for can only any be sterile or not with no contained by between. i feel the words of jerry seinfeld apply here "you can't over dry, you can't over die".
No,If you are diagnosed as sterile after you are sterile.Are you trying to avoid something? Then D0 NOT take quantity.
it's either you are sterile or not sterile. end in sterile means free of adjectives microbes...
No, sterile is sterile you cant be partially sterile coz later you would have some level of fertility - then you are not sterile.
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