Any side effects of mixing Melatonin near other medication?

I have be having sleeping problems for a few weeks. I hold been using melatonin but it have not seemed to be working all the same, although I have even increased the dosage. About an hour ago I took three 300mcg pills of melatonin, however I am still not feeling any effects from it. I be thinking about taking some Benedryl to see if that would back make me drowsy. Would in attendance be anything harmful going on for doing this?

Melatonin is normally produced by the pineal gland contained by the brain and naturally induces sleep .Benadryl is an antihistamine that cause drowsiness as its side effect. Benadryl and melatonin together seem to work basically fine for some people close to for those who have shift work sleep disorder. Most be being competent to sleep a few minutes after taking both and is able to continue sleep for 6 to 8 hours.

HOWEVER: By using both together be careful to stricture coffee and alcohol while on this regimen to help it work better. You also own to know how to taper the doses when you feel that your sleep/wake cycle have returned to normal.

On the other appendage, note that your brain and body become immune to the effects of Benadryl and melatonin when it is constantly exposed to high doses of these drugs. Both cause sedation- bear that within your mind. That means difficult doses of both causes sedation, drowsiness and slowed breathing and the worst of adjectives: it may result to coma while you are asleep.

One more important point is that taking melatonin and benadryl may seem to be harmless when taken separately but these two would potentiate its other’s effects once they are taken together and drug interactions may arise.

So what to do immediately, you may try using both together but never in glorious doses. If melatonin doesn't work then try taking benadryl alone subsequent time and see how it goes.

Take watchfulness!
Melatonin worked great for me for a while then it started to fashion me hyper and I slept less and smaller number. For temporary sleep problems Benedryl is great.

Make sure you are contained by a very threatening space when you need to sleep. Try white crack, like a follower or an ocean nouns CD. Take a hot tub before bed, Java Java tea have helped some folks. Go to a honest Health food store and pick their brains, I learned alto that agency.

Don't wait if this keep up to see your Doctor, sleep deprivation can cause lots of problems. Good luck and sweet dreams.
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