Are the GMC useless [General Medical Council]? I enjoy be told this by pretty a few those?

They are investigating a case which I brought to them [re a doctor] but I am told that they tend to support doctors more than patients and that they merely stir through the motions when it comes to patients' complaints.

My complaint is quite serious and near is substantial evidence to back up what I own said.. but I guess there be evidence to incriminate Harols Shipman as well but they never remunerated heed to that!!

The GMC is not a trade union. It is supposed to conduct yourself as a regulatory body regarding doctors. Most doctors do not judge that the GMC is doing a good errand. The BMA is an example of a doctors trade union.

The GMC do not other act on a single complaint in relation to a doctor unless it is a very serious allegation. This is because doctors are human and can brand mistakes just similar to everyone. They normally individual act if at hand is gross misconduct. As a previous person have said your best route of complaint is via their employer.
I've been told by pretty a few people that aliens hold visited them.
The GMC is the board of medical professionals. It is there to protect the interests of it's member, in much alike way as a 'working' creature joins a trade league. i.e. they look after the Doctors, not you or I.
In that respect they are obviously doing a brilliant opportunity, given that Dr's can and do get away beside murder.
A couple of years ago, conducted an open survey asking what doctors thought going on for the GMC. WE doctors all agree it is an inoperant, stupid, useless body, that simply shouldn't exist.
From the patient's perspective, things obtain even worse, because it is seen as a trade federation that protects its membvers.
In most countries in the EU, the GMC have a limited role within promoting ethical values in research and stuff approaching that, but nothing else.
In resume: if you enjoy any concern about a doctor, GET IN TOUCH WITH HIS / HER LINE MANAGER. There is no other efficacious track in UK.
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