Zithromax and Tylenol...past the worst to mix?

was freshly put on Zithromax yesterday for a bacterial infection and currently have a headache that will hang on to me up all darkness. Is it safe for me to steal Tylenol PM?

Answers:    Yes, it is safe to combine these two. It's done frequently as folks taking Zithromax frequently hsave fevers that Tylenol can assistance control.
Yes it is safe to filch Tylenol PM with Zithromax. When taking together you may want to engineer sure you have a small snack or thieve it after a meal as they can basis an upset stomach. Make sure you do not take the PM formulation of the Tylenol during the daytime as it will craft you drowsy due to the Diphenhydramine (antihistamine component).
I hope this helps and that you have a feeling better!

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