Any pediatricians who can present direction to a freshman?

ok i want to become a pediatrician since 7th grade but i necessitate to ask some questions first.
be you always number 1 surrounded by your class?
is it tough and am i choosing a career to hasty?
is it fun?i love kids so i thought this would be the career for me and i am interested contained by biology and medicine
any guidance would help

No, but I get good grades and studied seriously.

In college and medical school you will be exposed to oodles different career opportunity. Keep an open mind.

I thought of other career, but was drawn to pediatrics. At first it be quite different from what I have expected, and I wondered if I made the right choice. A prof told me that pediatrics was a doctor - parent relationship. After realize that, I enjoyed it more. But as my patients grew into pre-adolescence, that subdivision of practice became a doctor - long-suffering relationship. I liked that even more.

Is it fun? Yes, but it is a great deal of hard work, too. I have a mostly enjoyable profession. Long after retirement former patients and parents still greet me warmly.
i'm not a pediatricain, but i'm sure you dont own to be number one at everything. but getting a decent order point average will get you into the best college and next medical program.
Take a lot of science and math if you can within highschool. biology and chemistry specifically. Math isn't exactlly NEEDED on the job, but it'll set you apart from other culture who want the job.

I suppose that it would be a lot of fun to be a pediatrician. If it seem a bit too daunting a task you could other considering going to school to be a nurse or a nurse practicianer too.
my university lecturer (not a paedetrician though) tells me that practicing pills is only 10% erudite. the rest are human factors and adjectives sense xD i sort of believe him...we'll see when my time comes!

so relax
go near the flow but keep your eye within really may be your true calling :)
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