Explain how breath holding and hyperventilation may affect blood acid-base status?

When a person holds their breath, carbon dioxide (a by product of run of the mill cell metabolism) builds up in the blood. There is an enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, that speeds up the combination of carbon dioxide and river (from the blood plasma) into carbonic acid. This watery acid readily dissociates within water (i.e., the blood plasma) into bicarbonate and hydrogen ion. Since pH is defined as the cynical log of the hydrogen ion concentration ion, as H+ increases, the pH decreases.
The disparate reaction occur during hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is defined as an increase in the amount of fresh nouns in the alveoli per element time. While very little extra oxygen is taken contained by (because the blood is approximately 98% saturated near oxygen during normal breathing), much more carbon dioxide is blown stale than usual. Thus, the equation is driven in the converse direction, and H+ ions are removed from the blood, causing an increase surrounded by the pH.
When a person hyperventilate it cause the person to hold respiratory alkalosis. Hyperventilation causes increased CO2 excretion. Leading to decrease carbonic acid and result surrounded by alkalosis.
When the person hold their breath they develop respiratory acidosis. CO2 is retained when you hypoventilate , the carbonic acerbic accumulates surrounded by the blood causing H to be released bringing down blood pH.
Both kingston and kt are right
The easiest road to think of it is to remember that CO2 is an sharp, so if you have extra CO2 (hypoventilation), you'll be acidotic, and vice-versa.

That doesn't bestow you the reason why, but it can back you remember which way the pH go without have to think too rugged about it.
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