What are the potential side effects of using human growth hormone?

Answers:    Quoted from the source cited below:

"Side effects in adults may include extreme aggression, malaise, dry mouth. There is rational concern that GH treatment may increase the risks of diabetes, especially in those near other predispositions treated with sophisticated doses. It is pointed out, however, that diabetes is a disease that develops over perhaps 30 or 40 years of poor drinking habits, and the most promising cause of diabetes is the poor nutrition which the long-suffering had prior to the use of growth hormone. One survey of adults who have been treated next to replacement cadaver GH (which has not be used anywhere in the world, since 1985) during childhood showed a mildly increased incidence of colon cancer, but linkage next to the GH treatment was not established"

Quoted from the second source, which list additional side effects:

"Some of the side effects reportedly see in previously hygienic mature patients after taking HGH include:

* Edema (retention of fluids) contained by extremities
* Arthralgia (joint pain)
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Hypertension
* Diabetes and other glucose metabolism imbalances
* Gynecomastia (enlargement of masculine mammary glands)

Chronic use of HGH is not well studied, except when used within children for acute growth deficiencies. A long permanent status increase in colon cancer and Hodgkin's Disease have been observed surrounded by these cases."

The third source contains additional symptoms, as powerfully, though notes that they are, overall, incredibly unusual.

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