A-Z of over the counter medicine and drugs available on prescription contained by the UK ?

Does anyone know a website or a link they can distribute me were i can find out if some over the counter drugs are available on prescription for example i remunerated lb9.99 for a small bottle of baby colief drops end week only to be told i could carry it free on prescription for my baby also i be told i can get sudocrem infacol calpol etc anyone know of a site be i can check these


The only site that I know of beside a comprehensive list of these is:


It is the British National Formulary. However, you entail to be registered to access it! Sorry.

Well, anyway, I checked it out, and you certainly can achieve Colief on the NHS. It comes as a 50,000 units/gram, in 7ml bottles.

Sudocrem is available aswell, within 30g, 60g, 125g, 250g, and 400g cream pots.

Infacol is available as 50ml dropper bottles, at 40mg/ml.

Capol is available as an oral Paracetamol suspension (as thats what it really is), at 120 mg/5 ml, in 100ml bottles.

And yes, it for sure will be free, as the patient is beneath 16. Check out this:


Hope that help


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