A man is the best Doctor for his own body.The Doctors can't diagnose minus machines.Is it right?

Theancient native doctors ,by thought the pulse,were competent to diognose the illness.But not immediately.That doesn't mean that the present practice of drug is wrong.I mean the sooner practice is allowed to extinct.

No machine or equipment is going to replace clinicians (those who physically examine patients) at any adjectives time. At present American diagnosis and treatment is more laboratory dependent than earlier. The make happen partly is that patients and their lawyer are demanding objective proof of the diagnosis and treatment . Modern technology is also providing several ways of diagnosing and treating ailments which are one used by doctors. Modern doctors use machines in the best interest of patients. And that instrument doctors are gaining skills and patients are getting more sanctuary.
That last sentence doesn't even variety sense.
That last sentence doesn't even take home sense.
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Not adjectives doctors cant diagnose without machines. Physicians are simply trained in the art of interviewing, inspection, palpation, precussion, back auscultation.

Nowadays, because of the large numbers of lawsuits, doctors are practicing preventative medicine and adjectives treatment has to be back with documented diagnoses.

I dont infer ancient doctors can be better than the present ones. Would you trust a doctor now to diagnose and treat your heart problem by freshly feeling your pulses? How in the order of diagnosing early cancer again by basically feeling the pulses or examing your throat? Do you devise feeling your pulses can front to a diagnosis of urinary tract infection or AIDS? A lot of diagnoses and treatment on all these disease are made possible because of the diagnostic aids.

Its no excuse for doctors though not to examine their patients resourcefully before requesting for the diagnostic aids. ITs a moment ago a matter of practicing a touch of the hidden armamentarium , a bit than going right away to the big guns (diagnostic aids).
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