Surgical specialties? misc.?

1. Can you be an MD (surgeon) AND an RN at the same time, and would it be a moral idea to do so?

2. Can you specialize within more than one type of surgery?

Answers:    In answer to both questions... Why would you want to?

You could sure get your undergraduate level in nursing, but it won't oblige too much for med school. You'd be better sour taking upper level biology courses, inheritance, biochemistry and that sort of thing as defiant doing nursing clinical rotations.

You can also do as many residencies as you want. There are docs who do that (example, pediatrics afterwards anesthesiology to become a pediatric intensivist), but two different surgical specialties isn't going to help you. Once you finish a residency, plus any fellowship you might want, you're going to be in your mid-thirties, and will probably want a REAL brief.

All of the surgeons I know are very busy next to just one specialty. If you attach a second, then you're adjectives back on the first. Kinda make those extra 5 years of training worthless. (Unless you start something, hate it, and stir for something different. I know people who enjoy done that.)

Medicine takes up most of your enthusiasm for a long time. Unless you have an extra natural life, one specialty is all you're going to want.
Being an MD and a RN is pointless. You would never have time to offer to the other profession. It adds almost 3-4 extra years of university.

If you are an RN who wants to be a doctor, that's another piece, but going after both degrees is not worth it.

As for specializing within more than one type of surgery, do you mean different types of surgeons? Like a urologist and a common surgery? Sure, you could do that, but you'd have to run the residency for BOTH, about 10 years combined. Nobody does that though because it doesn't take any extra money. One speciality should be enough for you to enjoy enough business and be busy.

Some family may subspecialized within a pen, like a urologist who focuses on stone problems.

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