At 53, Is it too postponed to train as a Midwife. Am a Shiatsu Practitioner and Tai Ji Instructor?

I always needed to be in the medical area but also had cranium for figures. Currently working as a Company Accountant. I of late helped deliver by Great Nephew (28 Nov 06) and immediately feel the urge to train as a midwife. I am a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and also educate Tai Ji & Qigong. What are my chances?

It's never too overdue to train as a Midwife. I went to a midwife class, support for my friend, and near were a bunch over OLDER relations in the class. The oldest creature in the class be actually 68, she considered necessary to help deliever her grandson.. If you want it walk for it, don't have any regrets!
Very apt chances! Go for it!!
It's never too tardy to learn /train for something untried
Actually all you necessitate is a catchers mitt and you're in business. seriously, most Midwives today are also at lowest an LpN, or RN. So what if your're 53, go for it girl.
It's not too past due, but as an accountant, you need to evaluate the following:

Years of study required
Cost of training

in proportion against

Years you plan to work after training
Potential income during those years

If you plan to become a certified nurse midwife, you'll need a nursing level, plus your midwifery training. That will cost you in years and tuition. It doesn't produce sense to accumulate tens of thousands of dollars within debt if you're going to retire a few years later.

Another pick would be to become a doula, which is someone who helps laboring moms during labor and nativity. Learn more here:
It might fit in in good health with your alternative/natural medicinal mindset.

Whatever you choose to do, best of luck!
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