2 days after ACL surgery. is this typical?

its been 2 days after my ACL surgery and i'm surrounded by so much pain! niggle medicine isnt helping too much! is this mundane?

The first few days would really be painful.Some would be fine after three days but the aching could be longer even up to 10 days in some cases. So doomed to failure that you are suffering from pain near an ineffective painkiller. You should tolerate your doctor know to do find a remedy for your pain nouns. Anyway, I thought it would be helpful for you to read on things you own to know and read some of personal experiences on such operation, so please visit these links:
Yes..afraid so...it WILL acquire better...just not right away...
I lately endured a knees replacement...my FIFTH surgery on the same knees.
Sometimes, it takes that long for adjectives that numbing stuff they put into your leg to completely wear off...
A couple of words of warning:
Keep it iced...ice is immediately your very best friend
Anti-Inflammatories..your second best friend...thieve them at REGULAR intervals...do not wait for aching
Pain Pills- your third and closest friend right now..clutch these also at regular intervals, do NOT wait 'til you start hurting, staying AHEAD of the agony is the way to run..once you START hurting, it's hard to obtain it under control...
It's gonna hurt for a while longer...if you awareness any "new" symptoms, call your Dr without beating about the bush..better safe-than-sorry..
I've been through it adjectives, babe...hang within there...it WILL receive better!
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