Doctor, Doctor ... Why is it I'm so DIZZY ?

Answers:    Is it become you haven't eaten anything within the past 12 hours?

Vertigo have tons and tons of causes which can de divided contained by problems in the ear or problems surrounded by the brain. The ear problems are usually easy to fix close to a simple ear infection, timpanus rupture or a ball of otolytes are floating inside of the inner ear making you overly sensitive to your surroundings.

The internal vertigo are more serious and complex problems. The most adjectives problem in hoary people is inner ear tissue isquemia from dignified blood pressure, tumors, heck, it could even be idiopathic though usually these serious problems are chronic and not acute.

It could be that you simpe stood up too fast earlier your blood had plenty time to reach your brain.
Maybe your spine colour has something to do beside it..

ffs people its a set-up! ever heard the expression 'dizzy blonde'? I imagine I'll go spinal column to bed...
You stood uo too fast? You are drunk?

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