Blood vessel and nerves are present surrounded by the epidermal band true or false?

False. The epidermis is just the top few cell, and a keratin layer. Check out this picture:

It shows you that the blood vessel and nerves are in the hypodermis.

Hope that help

I don't think so. Otherwise it'd hurt more when a personage sticks a safety pin through the top stratum of their skin on their fingers.
There are three layers of skin.

The first, the epidermis is where on earth your hair follicle finger nail and melanin are. {melanin is a protein that gives the coloring to your skin. }

The second, the dermis have collagen and elastin fibers that help prevent the tear of skin

The third layer is the subcutaneous division which manufactures stout and provides insulation. it is unevenly distributed and thins as the body ages.

Blood vessel run through the bottom layer, the subcutaneous lode of skin.
The skin have 3 layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous plump.
The epidermis (the first layer) does not contain any blood vessels but get its oxygen and nutrients from the deeper layers of the skin. The blood vessel and nerves are found in the dermis and surrounded by the subcutaneous fat.
False the blood vessel are located far beneath the skin in the Hypodermis the third stratum of the skin
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