Adult knees cap and bumps below the knees?

i am a male, i merely turned 14 in june, i believe that my knees caps are bigger for my age. I compared my knees cap beside other people from my age band and my knee panama was bigger, surrounded by addition, when i be comparing my knee to others, i have something in them that adjectives of them did not have. I own this in both legs: i enjoy a small bump below both of my knees, however, when i press the bump from the left leg, it hurts a bit, and it doesnt hurt when i press the bump from the right leg. In appendage, i had knees pains 3 months ago and i feel that my legs are a bit robust cuz of my knees so here are my qs:

1. what are these bumps?
2. will i continue to grow? did i stop growing?
3. do my knees suggest anything wrong surrounded by my body?
4. will i b ok?

Tibial tuberosity and we all enjoy them.
you know what they say in the order of big kneecaps...
hi, as a person who be told i had an atypical knee i didn't worrie more or less it. if you are still perplexed, see an orthopedic specialist. he or she will answer your concerns.
The bump below your kneecap is your tibial tuberosity; this is where the quadraceps that envelope your kneecap insert into the leg bone. When it hurts similar to you say, you plausible have osteochondritis dessicans or OD. OD is cause when the tibial tuberosity, which ossifies at just about your age, has trouble adhere to the tibia and there is inflammation; the inflammation (you might know how to feel some warmth) is what cause the pain when you press.
What to do around it?
Use an ace wrap
Don't press on it
Use ice to mute the inflammation but no more than 20 min on at a time
Don't worry, it will predictable get better within a few weeks IF you do not injure it
You are, as a young teen, in the right age group for a orthopedic condition call Osgood-Schlatter disease.
You will definitely be ok.

During period of rapid growth some change can take place surrounded by the way your leg and knees work together, also some softening of the patellar (kneecap) cartilage can occur. Your leg may be turning somewhat when you run or go up and down stairs. This can raison d`ĂȘtre pain and swelling beneath the kneecap, just where on earth you describe.

Treatment consists of exercise to strengthen your quadriceps muscles (the large muscle on the front of your thigh), nsaids (like ibuprofen) for misery ,ice after exercise. For the time person avoid anything that makes your knees hurt.

You should see an orthopedist for consulation to avoid permanent hurt to your kneecap.

As a 14 yr old manly, I doubt you have completed your growth. I suggest if you look around at other kids' knees you'll find that many boys your age hold knees that look a little too big for their body right very soon. As you grow and mature, they will look more proportionate to your body.

This is a VERY adjectives condition. Please don't freak out over it. See your doctor and get his/her proposal about proper strengthening exercises, follow that direction. You are definitely gonna be ok.
Just a few clarifications to previous appropriate answers. Osteochondritis dessicans is a generic term and can crop up is several areas of the body including the hand, foot, hip, and elbow. When OD involves the tibial tuberosity, the bump below the kneecap, it is referred to as Osgood Schlatter's disease. Recovery may clutch several months. It's more of an aggravation than a serious condition, but repetative injury to the area is best avoided for prompt recouping.
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