What would ensue if a woman took a 'male enhancement' pill??

I was in recent times watching a commercial that offered to give a week supply of mannish enhancement pills, basically for the cost of a stamp, to test it out. And it brought upon this cross-examine . . . . anyone have the answer??

Answers:    Nothing will come up to the female, and nought will happen to the masculine if he took them. They do nothing, and by the passageway if you order they will be constantly charging your credit card. And the solitary way to stop them will be to undo the card, I have read roughly these scams for some time and they adjectives work the same bearing. Save your money, the only item that will enlarge is the wallet of the scammers.
thats the right question to ask byedr.com!! but patently nobody is going to answer it. so enjoy this shitty answer kbye

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