Question, first of all I know how to spell SURGEON verywell thank you extremely much. It was newly late and I be typing very speedily and I work 7 days a week okay. These things piss me off, when I try to ask an defining question and some yank off tell me I don't know how to spell. They should just answer the damn press. Anyways, besides that nonsence, I was inquiring almost Cosmetic Surgery and how I wanted to become one surrounded by the late adjectives. I've got reliable responces and they said just about 17 years. If that is the armour then I will be surley over 33 formerly I finish everything they say I own to complete before pursuing my occupation in Cosmetic Surgery. How come some SURGEONS such as the one's on TV like "Dr. 90210" are as immature as probley their late twenties (or am I wrong) when thay start their practices? How come they are soo infantile and how did they finish soo fast? Like Dr. Jason Diamond looks resembling he is . How old are you when you complete everything you own to do? Im stumped.

I strongly suggest you go to cosmetology college, and quit being so "surley" [sic] give or take a few being 33. Seriously though, you will eventually become 33 anyway, so why not be 33 and be a cosmetic surgeon?
Let's right to be heard you start school at 18. By 22, you enter into medical university for 2-4 years. You'll be 24-26 when you start your residency, and that can take between 2-4 years, depending on your pasture.

The thing I'm trying to articulate, is that you won't just be contained by SCHOOL for all those years. You'll be out contained by the field practicing your nouns and learning too.

And likelihood are the doctors you are talking roughly speaking ARE in their 30s. I don't keep watch on Dr. 90210 (can't stand blood), but Hayley Rey was born surrounded by 1974. Robert Rey was born contained by 1961. Tabitha Stevens was born within 1970. And Dr. Jason Diamond? Born in 1971.
It take 4 years of college + 4 years of med school + 2 years of residency and internship = 10 years.if you shift into college by age 19 you would start your practise as a surgeon by age 29.
Let's not forget shows like "Dr.90210"(never hear of it) is only existing in the world of t.v which is fictitious. What makes a more attractive behaviour, a 25 year old surgeon or a 55 year hoary surgeon?
You REALLY will be in your thirties formerly you can practice on your own, unless you're a prodigy who gets through college within 3 years after graduating from lofty school at age 16.

Do you presume the plastic surgeons on TV might be wearing makeup for the camera?

The ones I know are all contained by their 40's and 50's. Some of them look it, some don't.

I'm 43, but people judge I look younger. I blame it on the ponytail :)
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