What is your FULL assessment on stem cell research?

i am doing a school project and stipulation to know what some other peoples opinions are. please share why..surrounded by detail :]

Answers:    It's just another step forward. It's not wrong or wrong. It was once thought that transplants be unethical but in a minute it isn't. New ideas and advance in medical science are other bad when untried. In 100 years many conditions will be cured next to embryonic stem cells and nobody will grant it a second thought.
should we really jeopardize the future of generation because of our own PERSONAL belief and such? when they ask us sometime in the adjectives if there is a cure to a disease they hold, do people really dream up that when they grow up (if they get the chance) that they will appreciate that a bunch of populace decided that because they be uncomfortable next to the idea that they selfishly approved to make it off the record and make the verdict for them?

having stem cell research give us a chance to brand life better and to see if this will initiate up any new doors.

if it will gather people's lives and help million and millions of populace why is it wrong? that's like adage that we should have continued to use slavery because it help with the discount with them working on the plantations.

and for those religious society who have religion as their principle for their choices why should their faith set the law for everyone else? i'm not saying that religion is necessarily discouraging, but when it hinders you to take home coherent logical choices then it become a problem.

this is how progress is made. and each contemporaries is responsible to contributing to make the world a better place, and so far we own failed within almost every aspects, and through stem cell we can take steps towards creating a better world.
What do I reflect on? The needs of the copious outweigh the needs of the few. Meaning, that stem cell research can benefit adjectives of humanity so whatever casualties evolve along the way waxen in comparison to the casualties that can be avoided beside the advances that this research will bring.

Besides it's first and foremost Christian conservatives who are against it.
Kinda misguided. So you can grow new arms and stuff but are you really curing anybody. Where does the mind of a few scientists wrapping up up? Are we any better off as far as what we needed within the first place or are we just getting another slinky?

The benefit of damage in greatly of ways is there resembling making centaurs to fight war for us and dinosaurs to harass but I cogitate anybody with their own mind can report to you that after all the time and application put into it what do we really have to show for it stem cell research!

You could ask why the Wright Brothers are other in the garage working on something but we still intellectual to fly in almost twelve lessons right? My guess is they merely up and thought is was possible and come up with the right stuff to gain there but that doesn't be set to there's no future contained by cell biology just perchance a field that requests a little direction surrounded by the first place.

Just about anything comes to you if you singular ask why.
I have a great hope contained by stem cell therapy.

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