Drug audition?

i have with the sole purpose smoked Marijuana twice once friday before the second and once last friday. i enjoy to have a drug tryout on the 22nd is there any process i can pass.

Answers:    capably yes actually you can. unless you smoke alot. try to drink as much wet as you possibile. go transport a run and sweat it all out. You can dance to a sauna that can alot help. in that also different types of drinks you can drink but save your money and simply do those things and you'll pass. as a probation officer i hold been told several ways. these seem to work.
The best item you can do is to drink lots and lots of water. I consider you will be okay with this much time if it is a urinalysis. 30 days is the worse covering and the time it stays in your system is base on body fat percentage. Do some exercise as economically to get your blood and sweat flowing. You can buy some over the counter herbal substance to overhaul it within a afternoon or so the last time you used it. I know a guy who claimed to hold smoked in the morning and consequently passed a drug test within the afternoon. He drank vinegar and water. Don't do that though. Just drink wet.

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