Blood types?

can 2 Os make an A

22 yrs as a med tech... 4 yrs college as a med tech student. i judge i am qualified to answer this one.


bombay phenotype is an Rh null and has zilch to do with ABO. bombay type as O neg. because they own nothing on the membrane to type.

another O would merely have an O to hand over to an offspring.

to be an A ABO type phenotypically you must hold either an
AA or AO genotype.

source: American Association of Blood Bank Technical Manual 50th Anniversary Edition.
the Blood Banker's bible.
Yes, it is possible. I answered this put somebody through the mill earlier when someone said that both her parents be 'O' blood, but only produced "A' Blood children. I"m going to repost that response here, because it is techincally like peas in a pod questions

This is where on earth the question is from:;...

My Response be as follows:
Yay.. I am happy someone finally asked this give somebody the third degree!!

I"ve studied this in my inheritance class, and yes, it is rare, but surrounded by your case, Only ONE of you parents would involve to have the Bombay Phenotype, for you to exhibit your blood type.

I'll put within much simpler terms than the guy above me did (good explanation though)
It's close to this.. you have a Blank Red blood cell. When nearby is nothing on the surface, you own 'O" blood. When there are molecules, or antigens, on the surface, you exhibit an blood type pertaining to what is attached to your red blood cell.

If you produce the molecule for the A antigen, it will attach your blood cell, and will have "A" blood. If your produce the molecule for the B antigen, it will be attached to you blood cell, and you will have "B" blood. If you produce BOTH antigens, yeah, you guessed it... 'AB' blood.

ALL of this entertainment. is controled by one gene

The Bombay phenotype is controlled by another gene. Basically, these gene codes for the "STEM" that the antigens use to attach to the blood cell. When you are recessive for this gene, hh, you do not produce this protein "stem." Without the "stem" on the blood cell, no antigens can attach, and therefore the Blood cell exhibits an "O" blood phenotype.

So... surrounded by your case... Lets read aloud your mom has Bombay Phenotype, and you dad have regular O blood. Your dad's Genotype will be HH i i , and a possible Genotype for you mother could be hh IA i (she has A blood, but the bombay phenotype mask this)

Then the kids will all be Heterozygous for Bombay Hh, and will own either IA i ('A' blood) or i i ('O' Blood)

To get it more obvious... you're mom could Have " IAIA" blood... contained by that case, nearby would be NO possiblity of your parents producing anything OTHER than "A" Blood Children.

Hope this generalization help you understand this.
Isn't inheritance fun? :-D
No, absolutely not. The creature who posted before me is wrong.

Your blood type is determined by inheritance. You receive one gene from each parent. The "A" and "B" blood types are dominant plan if you get any one of these genes from your parents then that type will be expressed. "AB" blood type is co-dominant characterization that if one parent gives you a gene for the "A" blood type and your other parent give you a gene for the "B" blood type then you blood type will be "AB".

The "O" blood type is a special circumstance - it is recessive import you have to win an "O" gene from both of your parents to be an "O" blood type.

If an "O" type mates next to another "O" type they both only own "O" genes to give to their young which means the newborn would have to be an group "O". There is no other believable possibility.

The Bombay blood type is so rare that it is laughable to consider it as a possibility. People who are Bombay blood type enjoy to store their own blood to have on mitt in bag of emergency because the chance of finding another Bombay individual to donate to you is even rarer. Bombay people breed anti-H which attacks all types of blood cell which is why they can only own Bombay blood.
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