What would start to a being if they ate too abundant multivitamins?

what if someone took like 5 pills a hours of daylight, or idk a number above the daily percentage but not enough to die, what would some of the effects or symptoms be of mortal oversaturated with vitamins and minerals found surrounded by the usual multivitamin?

Answers:    Pre-natal vitamins have significant amounts of iron and so are the most serious if ingested in immense amounts. Excess doses of Vitamin A have be associated with a to some extent unpleasant condition called pseudotumor cerebri. Vitamin K can motivation injury or death by counteracting the effects of guaranteed blood thinners taken to prevent clots rendering them ineffective. Vitamin E that was contained by the past thought to be a cardiac protective have recently be shown to be associated with better rates of cardiac events; although I am uncertain if this finding be found to be dose dependent.
they would be sick

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