Bariatric Surgeon ?

How man years does it take to become a B. Surgeon and what is the median pay ?

School Report on Career !

I work with a standard surgeon who does almost nothing but gastric bypasses. I don't ponder he had any fellowship training - merely decided that bariatric surgery is what he considered necessary to specialize in.

You're going to enjoy trouble finding a median income, because it's not a subspecialty that has its own Board, and in attendance are plenty of general surgeons who do gastric bypass as subdivision of their practice.

As for the training:
4 years college
4 years med school
5-7 years residency
Bariatric surgeons are typically broad surgeons who have further training within bariatric surgery.

Since many of the bariatric surgery technique are basically indistinguishable as those used in common surgery (RNY, partial gastrectomy, banding, laporascopy, etc), it is not hard for surgeons to become specialized within bariatric surgery. There is usually no formal training - just a few weeks or months of workshop.

To become a broad surgeon, one must go through college, 4 years of med institution, 6-7 years of residency.

Bariatric surgeon's salary depends on the number of cases. Since it take time to build up practice, it is difficult to see the average salary. Some will receive up to at least $1/2 million per year.
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