Can someone backing me label adjectives the parts of the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM and RESPIATORY SYSTEM?

i need minister to naming these i know them but not all of them and specifically a big problem because i have a question paper for my end of simester exam and part of the check is knowing the C & R system

* and it would also help if you told me more or less each system and something like each division

Heart: Four chambers (Left and right atria, disappeared and right ventricles) and Four valves ( tricuspid, pulmonic, mitral, aortic)
Blood vessel: arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and vein

Air moves through the body in the following charge:

* Nostrils
* Nasal cavity
* Pharynx (naso-, oro-, laryngo-)
* Larynx (voice box)
* Trachea (wind pipe)
* Thoracic cavity (chest)
* Bronchi (right and left)
* Alveoli (site of gas exchange)
pleura, diaphragm, chest wall

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