Are gold ingots teeth fascinating? yes or no?

No. Gold teeth are not actually adjectives gold as gold ingots is too soft to use as a restorative in teeth. An alloy of different metals are used along beside gold. Still not captivating though
Ha ha NOPE! I have a polite tooth! I tried to see if it was captivating, it's not! V.V
Gold isn't magnetic.if it's unadulterated gold.

Soooooooo, no.
No, because gold ingots is not magnetic or hold an iron content!

(Please see my comment on your last cross-question.)
Gold isn't magnetic so a gold ingots tooth won't be - as long as the gold is pure.
no. gold ingots itself is not magnetic. unless you mix it up near magnetic particle.
Gold is not magnetic
If they are pure gold ingots they wont be. If they are mixed with iron they will be. perchance you should buy a strong electro magent and test this past you go for your scan.
No. Only iron, cobalt and nickel are captivating. So unless the 'gold' fillings contain any of these metals here will be no magnetism infant..
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