What is the best drug to purloin to stay awake?

Without feeling too under the weather the next hours of daylight

Amphetamine is the obvious choice.
On the more legalized side there is caffeine.
Try coffee, I prefer guarana somehow it's more mellow and doesn't stress me out as much.
Tyrosene is markedly useful for maintain alertness too, you should be able to acquire this from a health-food shop or chemists.

I wouldn't advise to elevated a stack of stimulants if you want to keep your right mind for the duration.

You'll feel approaching poop after any all-nighter though because you need to compensate back for ripping your body past its sell-by date it's sleep.

Good luck.
Love and associated acts.
tea have just satisfactory caffeine to keep you awake and not clear you feel sick. Plus it have lots of antioxidants. good luck.
adderal or euphoria.
sweet coffee (caffeine?)
try pro plus pills. they are condensed caffeine. and you can buy them from most pharmacies.

ive only used them when doing a 50 mile route march past. and they helped next.. but i dont know how they work when your not exercising though
Green Tea works very okay. Add a spoon of honey to make it essence nice.
Amphetamines are often used to stay awake - my mother be a nurse and occasionally used it when cramming for the finals for all darkness revision!

It shouldnt have to be said that they're also unofficial drugs and can kill. IF someone be going to take speed and wouldnt listen to suggestion of why they shouldnt I'd tell them to clutch cool drinks and try not to overheat because the body can overheat fatally lower than such drug use.

Caffeine is safer, cheaper and much more readily available.
Amphetamines or caffine... But fiddle with with assistance. They CAN be dangerous.
Caffeine if you're official

Amphetamines if you aren't
Good old vogue COFFEE.. Leave the pills alone..
I agree with Ailsa W, Pro Plus sorted me out on night out in Tenerife, feel ok the next morning, even tho have mixed them with loadsa alcohol.
If you bring back enough sleep later you should not have any trouble staying awake, but we adjectives have hours of darkness were we lately dont rest good. I could inform you to go out and buy some dishonest drug but I wont. The best thing I know to minister to you is coffee or tea.
Methamphetamine can keep users up for days at a time.
MDMA (Ecstasy) will maintain you up for more than 24 hours.
Cocaine is also a stimulant.
And nicotine from tobacco is too.

But your safest and most legal bet would be caffeine
Pills resembling No-Doz, 357 Magnums, Yellow Jackets, and even Excedrin may agitate the stomach.
So try coffee, or an energy or soft drink such as Red Bull, Monster, or Vault.
Caffine everytime... coffee, red bull, pro plus tablets

may fell a touch ropey the next light of day, you can't deprive yourself of sleep without the concequences..
It's call sleep.

You have plenty respectively night (and sometimes mid afternoon) surrounded by the period central up to the time you wish to wake up refreshed.

It can be addictive, though! I enjoy about 8 hours respectively night. And I touch great the next light of day. You don't need a presciption and you don't shutting up having some from a dubious source.
Oh, and it is not bent.
Crack Cocaine..is for people close to me that put it in its place after three years of smoking the shiit.
Most of the associates I have see that take crap to stay awake are certainly losing the point of strengths where drugs are unnecessary.

The key to staying awake is sleep earlier work
I've used No Dose which u can buy at Wal-Mart or any local drug store. I had to travel 31 hours beside a 14ft. U-haul once and ended up doing 40 hrs. on one hour of sleep. This stuff be like taking coffee surrounded by extra large dosages. It also keep u from feeling hungry if it's adjectives u r eating. If u know what I be determined. It worked for me. There's also Vivarian (msp?). Basically, they are caffeine pills.
Drugs are always considered toxins and can be addictive at times. Why don't you merely walk around and exercise for a few minutes to "awakened" your entire system or sleep rash and wake up hasty. "Early to be and early to rise, make one health, moneyed and wise!".
don't sleep
Sleep the daytime before. SLEEP is the DRUG.
plenty of coffee ,dont do drugs please
drink lots of sea so you need to turn to the toilett and cant sleep
i hear CRACK is a good choice..and i do see a great deal of crack heads roaming around yawning awake at nite..id voice go out and take yourself a bag of crack and smoke it up...smoke plentifully of it to make sure you bring back the full effect..
caffine is one of the best stimulants which have totally few associated risks as long as you do not have a heart condition. contained by the uk you can buy pro plus tablets from a supermarket or pharmacy .side effects cause a headache, and raise the pulse and blood pressue.
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