Can i combine Hydrocodone/APAP (vicodin) beside ibuprofen for a severe earache?

i have an ear infection and the twinge is so severe. i'm also taking antibiotics (zithromax) but it's not working!! the headache is getting worse and worse. i've lost complete hearing surrounded by my right ear. im a 26 y/o female and i'm crying similar to a 4 yr old. i'm roughly speaking to go to the ER. but since i own pain pills, i be wondering if it's okay to mix hydrocodone with ibuprofen? i took one 200mg ibuprofen in the order of an hour ago and it has done zilch for my pain. appreciation.

Answers:    Do not combine anything without checking next to a pharmacist first to make sure the drugs don't interact adversely. I wouldn't trust someone on here to relate might have worked for them but you could completion up getting your stomach pumped, or worse. I suggest you go to the emergency room so they can get hold of you on some different antibiotics. Your infection may be resistant to zithromax (which is primarily for respiratory infections), but it may respond to something else. What ever you do DO NOT mix medications until you check beside a doctor or pharmacist!
Yes - the 2 can be mixed rather capably. Then it will be like vicoprofen - which is commonly prescribed for that brand of pain.

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