Does a Physical Exam include a urine exam?

I have hear mixed answers about whether a mundane physical exam includes a urine test where on earth they check for THC.

a pre-employment physical probably will, but your regular annual physical won't.
It depends. If it is for a job and present you a physical, most likely in that would be a drug test.If it's for sports at conservatory, it depends. But they would tell you.
If you are getting a physical basically to get one, even if your Doctor give a urine test, and nearby was THC surrounded by it, they don't care and don't check for it unless your lower than 18.
In my pediatric practice we did a urine screening test. On one dipstick we tryout for sugar, ketones, protein, pH, specific gravity, blood, urobilinogen, nitrites, and leukocytes. If nitrites or leukocytes were dignified, we did a microscopic exam.

I don't think that urine is routinely checked for THC surrounded by family practice or internal medication. However, if the test is for an employment exam or for insurance purposes, it might include conducting tests for THC or other drugs.
Strictly speaking a physical exam and laboratory tests are separate issues. But frequent employers in our time require both a physical exam (which is largely a waste of time and money) and a urine drug blind as requisites for employment. It's up to the business.
THC can be found in your body for up to a month.
Besides, they lift a hair preview for drug testing so ether cut adjectives your hair or stop smoking, & we know how fun i.e..
Also, normal physical includes both blood & urine.
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