How long does it pinch to become a doctor??

Answers:    Like most questions, near is not one answer to this question. The three things most doctors own to complete are undergraduate college (earning a Bachelors degree), medical school (earning your Medical Doctor degree), after some kind of residency.

Typically, a Bachelor's scope is a 4 year degree.
Medical arts school is also typically 4 years.
Residency and specialty training can be anywhere from 2 to 15 years. While you will technically me a doctor out of medical school, you won't truly be trained until you finish a residency program.

I would speak an estimate of 10 to 20 years to complete it all would be disinterested.

However, there are some shortcuts you can thieve, for instance, work extra hard and finish your Bachelor's surrounded by 3 years. Another shortcut is to go straight from dignified school to a combined bachelors/MD program that typically give somebody a lift a few years less. Hope that answers your question.
4 years of college plus 4 years of medical school. Then you own to pass the state exams and do residency at a hospital.
nearly 10 yrs.

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