Is nearby really a drug, or substance call, Saltpeter?

Dose it really prevent a man from being competent to have sex ?
What is the medical entitle for this substance if it's true ?

Answers:    Yes you can get it at any pharmacy past its sell-by date the shelf. The mediacal or scientific describe for it is potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate was once thought to induce impotence, and be rumoured to be added to institutional food as an anaphrodisiac. If true, the treatment was ineffective, as potassium nitrate have no such properties.
Saltpeter is real. A adjectives form is potassium nitrate.

It is used in gunpowder. Mix it near the right ingrediants and it is quite a factor within explosives.

It can also be used as a involuntary muscle fiber relaxer, so some claimed it could be used to lessen the male libido. There is no proof that this in fact ever worked, although the British Army and Navy used it.

It is rumored that the US Army and Navy tried it too, something my father swears is true, but I have not found any viable info on that.
Yes within is a substance called brackish peter, I heard that it make a man have more sex, but i dunno nearly that, I also heard it can be used to bring in small bombs, its scientific first name is potassium nitrate

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