Do those fart during surgery (under common anaesthesia)?

No, its called a paralytic ileus. All bowel functions stop.
The only one who know for sure is the one who has their come first underneath the sheets..
Usually not
Yes and even feses can come out on their own
funny you should ask this Q
i was put out for the dental removal of my put a bet on tooth
then when i be coming around i felt a paw slapping my face and a soft voice calling my label,i slowly opened my eyes and be about to right to be heard oh hello but insteadFAAAAAAAAARTpffffts come out first
the nurse just walk off-lol
gas and air -etha i ponder it was,call
ahhh, the dreaded "code brown". never seen it surface while somebody was asleep, but it can undeniably happen during emergence. during awakening, relatives can cough- any valsalva maneuver can expel contents from the rectal vault. flatus, stool, foreign bodies... anything can come out. but it's technically unusual.
no they do not fat during surgery..your bodily functions stop
If it's during a colonoscopy, next yes, quite like mad. But that's not fair, because the gastroenterologist is pumping nouns in.

Otherwise, occasionally, but on the odd occasion. You're much more likely to drizzling yourself.
Most of the time it is the Anesthesiologist that farts, more than one reason they telephone them gas passers.
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