Blood Pressure Level?

My blood pressure reading showed the following numbers:
SYS: 099
DIA: 067
Pulse: 61
Is this unusually low? Some foolish young girl be tossing a croquet ball surrounded by the air yesterday as I bent over to pick something rotten the ground and it hit me in the stern of the this playing a factor within the BP level? Serious answers single please.

That's a great blood pressure, unless you usually run high.

There's something call "relative hypotension", which means that if your body is used to seeing soaring blood pressure and it drops into a low-normal range, you could become symptomatic.

If you hold chest pain, shortness of breath or severe fatigue, I'd be concerned. Otherwise, that blood pressure is excellent.
Not unusually low for me, but for you? See a doctor if you are worried. BP does fluctuate, depending on unshakable things. How do you feel?
No, that's not horrendously low, and the fact that you're awake and working the baby grand suggests your brain is being amply perfused.
You are considered, hypotensive. Usually very natural patients are able to display low bp's and pulse/breath rates.
Your fine. You write logically and come across coherent so I wouldn't dx you as having a neuro disorder. Was it a right game?
the regular range for sys=90-140, dia=60-90, and pule is 60-100 bpm
It's foolproof healthy if you consider BP at sleeping position, but it's low if you measure when sitting or standing. The playing have no affect BP. Should have treatment without beating about the bush if BP is under 50 or low 90s. Caffein, salted and spicy foods can easy pump BP a moment or two bit higher.
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