How does better diet and exercise lower blood pressure?

I'm looking for the physiological effects on the body

Answers:    Hi! ok here's how it works.

eating smaller amount fat reduce the risk of developing artheriosclerosis, or hardening of the vessel, the smaller your blood vessels are the more forcefully your blood rushes through them, cuasing your BP to lift. decreasing your sodium intake will lower blood pressure. Water in your body instinctively follows sodium. and the more volume of fluid in your body the sophisticated your blood pressure is.

Exercise allows the heart to contract more forcefully and more effectively, its called Starling's Law. it decrease your HR and BP, becuase it is more effective. exercise is also a suitable way fall off the fatty deposits in your vessel, making the diameter of vessel wider. Also when you exercise you are sweating and your body in response to that vasodialates (or widen the veins) the wider the veins the lower your blood pressure is going to be.

dream up of it like a hose, the smaller the tubing the more pressure the hose down is coming out. the wider the tubing the slower and less forceful it will come out. exercining open the veins and allows blood to flow smaller number forcefully. loweing BP

hope this helps!
To put it within the simplest terms, it accustom the heart to work less to take the blood to every part of the body. This is why runners habitually have a pulse rate of 60 or even lower while those who are worryingly inactive hold a pulse rate of over 100.

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