Drug trialling for employment?

i was hired for a county profession.i took a drug test.my doctor have me on lorezapam.5 and i go to a consignment loss clinic where i receive appetite suppresants.both perscriptions by m.d.i am worried tey will report me i can't have the charge.i am worried i need the opportunity .i took the test weds. aug.30.my employer told me i will start duty on sept.17.will these medications stop me from a situation i really want?

Answers:    Not at all! As long as they are prescrived by a Physcian. I work as a drug blind tech. and I work in a doctors bureau so I know these types of things. If they say that you can't enjoy the job you own a lawsuit as long as you can prove from your docotr that they are prescribed to you!

Hope this helps.

no, a moment ago tell them ahead of time that you own that prescription. it should not affect their decision to hire you.

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