Doctors out nearby please give a hand?

I'm really nervous in the order of going to medical school. I don't know if I can bar it, I've gone to the hospital a lot of time and I similar to the environment. Also, I want to help relations and I don't get freaked out confidently, but I'm afraid that I might mess up or get diffident on the job. For anyone who's a doctor out here, can you help me near tips. Also, do you have to be a genuis to be a doctor. I'm not a genuis but I still have power over to get adjectives A's, but what do you actually involve to be a doctor, intelligent wise?

Don't verbs about it...

Everyone get nervous sometimes on the assignment. The job can be stressful, and we are adjectives faced beside decisions that could enjoy bad consequences if we choose wrong. But, that mortal said, after all the schooling and training, you usually come out pretty prepared. Also, most things are to a certain extent routine, so it's not hard to deal with in the appendage. If in the shutting you find that you don't like super-high stress situations, near are specialties that allow more time for decision making and consideration (pathology, radiology, internal medicine).

As for brains, you don't hold to be that smart. Don't get me wrong, it's a tough duty and intelligence is a good article, but you don't have to be a ace. If you're getting straight A's, then your brains probably aren't an issue. Of course, here are lots of people who are book smart but not necessarily clinically smart (no adjectives sense), but there isn't a flawless way of predicting that impulsive on. You do have to be inclined to work hard, to study a great deal.

As for knowing every part of the body, you swot a little more or less everything in med institution. But, once you start specializing, you start forgetting about profoundly of the other stuff that doesn't pertain. The stuff that matters tend to stick in your principal luckily.
I guees I'm a little frustrated today.

Medical university is so easy that everyone is doing it (being hurtful!).

Have you even graduated big school? enjoy a bachelor's degree? be accepted to medical (this I doubt otherwise you wouldn't be asking this)?

Good god, everyone messes up on the opportunity. Not one person surrounded by this world is perfect.

Yes you own to at one time or another memorize every part of the body.

Yes, man a doctor is hard.

if you don't htink you can "bar it", you can't. if you 'like the environment' contained by a hospital, why don't you train for a job, something smaller amount demanding.

you don't need to be a 'genius' but, an extensive knowlege of adjectives body organs, systems, processes, and interactions would be the minimum requirement! gettign all "a's" is nice, but are you chitchat about shop, gym, and art, or are you conversation about ap sciences, ap maths, foreign language (NOT your native language)...?

again, why don't you find a nice employment, in a hospital, that you can dance to, everyday, and leave it at that. next to some work, you could, perhaps, obtain a data entry livelihood, in admission.
You have to be intelligent, but not a sensation. Luckily, medical school for the endless majority begins after they're 21, because it sounds similar to right now you could use a drink. A lot of my classmates be nervous close to you, too. One thing that will abet is that many of your patients will like a shot disabuse you of the idea that you'll be helping a grateful public, but it's still nice if you can hold from getting too jaded.
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