Does dramimine work? I am going to hopefully be flying soon, and I get sick really efficiently. So, I need drug. What is the best thing to do give or take a few motion sickness? I know ginger snap cookies are supposed to work, what else?

Dramamine works really well for me. Without it, I shake, sweat, vomit and writhe surrounded by pain. With it, adjectives is good.

The down side is that it cause an allergic reaction surrounded by me the first time I took it and I wasn't prepared. I broke out in huge, itchy, red spots and have to pick up some Benadryl when I changed flights. If I had it to do over again, I would enjoy taken a dose a few days ahead of time to see what effect it had on me.

Dramamine does put together most people VERY tired. If you enjoy to connect to a different flight at some point, you might want to start with a low dose so that you know what's going on. I don't know how I made it from one flight to the other when I started next to a full dose. I was sooooo out of it that I feel like I be in another dimension.
Dramamine, yes it does work. Try pickles. When I be little I would get motion sickness alot. My aunt would hand over me a pickle and it would settle me down. I still use the practice today for my nieces and nephews. I am 38 years old to the afternoon. Don't knock-it till you try it. Good Luck!
I often seize carsick when I am in the sports car for over 2 hours or so. Dramamine has other helped. I in recent times take the non-drowsy formula so I'm not tired for the year. But if it's a long plane ride you may want to fall asleep. So I'd simply take one or the other... doesn`t matter what you prefer. But it does help and it's adjectives that I use.
Ask your doctor for a prescription that is stronger than Dramamine. I took one for a while call Antivert (meclizine) and it worked well when I get hired on as a paramedic. Riding backwards in the ambulance made me barf the first afternoon on the job. Also, carry an evaluation of your ears. Sometimes your equalibrium could be off due to an undocumented ear condition. When the ear wax presses against the eardrum (tympanic membrane) you obtain this dizzy feeling. Food is a myth to in truth helping. It's the acidity of some foods that can engender your stomach upset. My advice, see a doctor. It be the only item that helped me. Their evaluation is the lone thing I recommend. Don't munch through pickles.
Dramamine is made of a drug called meclizine. It is the exact same as the prescription Antivert (it is prescription so that a doctor can determine the treatment reginime for symptoms of vertigo).

Ginger products are not scientifically proven, but I reflect on it is more than coincidence that most who try it say it works. Acidy foods can clear it better or worse, it depends on the person.

With that surrounded by mind...
Gingersnap cookies are good if they are solid. 99% of them are made of molasses, not ginger. Make some tea and put a hunk of ginger root in it and hold it in a flagon to sip on. Coca-cola is good once it is flat (all the carbonation is gone). Not of late coke, but anything with phosphoric sour tends to be apposite. Sprite, 7-up, and the like own citric acid which is OK.

Dramamine works, but it can also brand you very sleepy (which may also be perfect on a plane!). If it is a long plane ride, or many rides over a couple days you can ask roughly speaking a scopalamine (Transderm Scop) patch from your doctor.
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