Why/how did I capture a delayed twinge criticism to a tooth extraction?

I had a 2nd desirability tooth extracted 38 hours ago. The gum didn't begin to really swell and hurt until a few hours ago. I be able to sleep the first dark without taking Vicodin, but I a short time ago took 10 mg. It feels as if the site the tooth be pulled from is acting like a heart, pumping niggle throughout my lower left cheek, face, and even ear. The gum is irritated and inflamed as okay. *erythema/edema/pain* three classic signs of infection...should I take ciprofloxacin within addition to anguish meds.?

Answers:    The local anesthetic has worn past its sell-by date but, the pain your describing could any be a " dry socket", which is quite bumpy. If the dentist prescribed an antibiotic ( Cipro) by all finances take them. Be sure to complete the full course even if the symptoms move about away before you complete the Cipro. You should not keep on until your pain even is too high because afterwards you have to dawdle up to 45 mins.for the Vicodin to kick contained by. During that wait, your affliction level is still increasing. So, it is best to whip the pain tablets once you start to feel discomfort. If your symptoms continue or worsen, contact your Dentist. I hope that this helps and that you touch better soon.
If your Dr. prescribed it for you, for that reason, yes.

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