C02 Poisoning?

Is short term CO2 poisonging dicey

When the red blood cells are soaking wet with CO2, they are not carrying oxygen to the brain. More that four minutes of that cause irreversible brain damage and can produce death by suffocation.

The red blood cell will always exchange oxygen for CO2 if it is available. Not so near C2O2, which is what makes carbon monoxide so much more hazardous than carbon dioxide. Once a red blood cell becomes wet through with monoxide, it is effectively inoperative.
If you're still here to ask question about it, the difficulty has passed. CO2 poisoning will effect brain damage after a few minutes, but getting fresh nouns will eliminate the CO2 within the blood stream.
I think you aim CO poisoning. CO2 is carbon dioxide, CO is carbon monoxide. When you inhale CO, your hemoblogin is saturated near the molecule and is dificult for you body to eliminate it. That armour is very risky if you breath high level of the stuff. Low levels for short period of time are not really dangerous. Now if you really tight CO2, that is different. It is much easier to remove CO2 from your hemoglobin, as this is what your body does normally. The hemoglobin surrounded by your blood picks up CO2 from your cells as a average part of maintain your body's homeostasis. Increased levels of CO2 explanation your body to become acidotic. Meaning your pH level is low. The problem near breathing CO2 is that it prevents your body from getting the oxygen that it needs. So yes, CO2 could be risky if in soaring concentrations for long periods of time as capably.
as long as you take breaths of fresh nouns youll be fine. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a lot worst. CO have something like 200 times the affinity to stick to the hemoglobin surrounded by the red blood cells than oxygen. when you own CO poisoning you need to breath pure oxygen to flush it out.
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