In what type of agony and piece of the anatomy would the doctor perscribe codeine 30mg/60mg!?

worried about the long occupancy effects of taking paracetamol on the liver! For very fruitless leg pain!

Answers:    No one else seem to have inherent your question properly...

You are right roughly paracetamol, it can cause liver problems as okay as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen. It depends your doctor, and what is truly wrong with your leg. Go to your GP, and explain your worries going on for liver damage self why you want a codeine prescription (make sure you do this, or you could get prescribed a stronger drug that paracetamol or ibuprofen, but which is worse for the liver, such as diclofenac), and if you own a good doctor, you will probably catch the codeine, or at least a similar opiate that would not wreak liver problems.

Codeine is used por general stomach-ache or injuries, so with leg trouble within is no reason why it won't be prescribed to you. Hold your ground and decline any drugs that aren't liver freindly, and I can't see many GPs turning you down. If this fail you can order codeine rightfully off the internet, but I'd take care if you choose to do this as some websites aren't legitimate, and codeine can be relatively expensive when bought in this process.
Codeine is simply a pain executioner but a little stronger than Paracetamol I contemplate.

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