A-level subject requirements to study tablets?

I'm 16 at the minute and might want to study medicine at Uni but I'm not sure. I hold to choose my A-level or Intrenational Bacclaureate subjects now but don't really want to pocket two sciences. I'm definitely doing Maths and Chemistry but do I hold to do another science if I want to do a medical/dentistry degree?

There are a few Universities that do not require maths and 2 science A level for Medicine, but not many.

My counsel would be to do Biology. It is probably the most relevant and usefull of all the A level for either a medical or dentistry amount. In my University additional tutorials have to be set up for people who have not done biology A level surrounded by their first year as they couldn't follow the course.
Yes, I think you'll obligation biology also
ask your teacher.
Sorry, I don't know anything in the region of how universities are outside of the U.S.

Asking your advisor is probably the best course of act.
Basically for AS-level you need 2 sciences out of (bio, chem , physics)- chemistry is compulsory
for Cambridge/oxford you entail maths at AS-level
For A-level -you need at least possible one science
but in lay down to give yourself the best destiny, its better to do 2- chemistry + 1 other science up to A-level,of course including another 3rdsubject
I'm applying for med as economically hope this helps:)
Good luck!!
Chemistry is a MUST!

Another science will be needed for most institutions too, physics is a righteous choice as Biology isn't considered a pure science in some institutions. ( you may find this strange but near is a distinct prejudice against A level biology surrounded by most uni's. It contains a lot of irrelevant things for medicine.)

On top of those two, maths could be a obedient choice, but most academic subjects are official. Just don't take medium studies / general studies. Go for something similar to history/maths.

This will get you into the 'maybe' category, if you want to really push for it do lots of related community work ( at NHS trusts etc) and obtain as much stuff to put on your application as possible.
Biology and physics
A in chemistry
B is Biology
and afterwards an A in you As
and another B surrounded by a serious subject (english maths physics, unis dont normally scenery film studies adjectives that well ect)
similar to it or loath it you've gotta take biology to do tablets. it will set the foundation for a medical degree. okay good luck anyway
Generally beside any medical degree, you inevitability a core of Biology, Chemistry, and Physiology. No matter what anyone tell you, Physiology vastly more important to know contained by Medical School than Chemistry.
That's enough for greatly of the universities according to their prospectus, oodles don't always expect Biology.

But, the competition is rough and they expect your other subjects to be of late as academically rigorous.

I'm only studying Biology, Chemistry, History and Computing at the moment but I'm picking up a Maths course to backing the process, so it might be worthwhile picking up another related science.
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