AN ECONOMICS OF CIRCULATION? a human body is well when blood freely circulates around it, and?

...doesnt accumulate contained by an over abundance or clot surrounded by certain areas that block or restrict the flow.

it seem that the current economic system [and the corrupt imperative that upholds it],has perniciously evolved to enjoy massive clots/accumulations all over "the body economic", near a restricted minimal flow in tons other areas.

will a healthy economics [in conjunction next to law and politics] set within motion a perpetual recirculation mechanism, so "clots" are no longer allowed to go down and persist, but are contantly broken down and re-absorbed...and longer impair the functioning of the unbroken body, that supports & sustains everyones (emotional as well as economic) well-being?

will the subsequent positive leap, in economics, come from someone fusing economics next to the insights to be gained from studying the circulatory system of the human body?

if you want individuals to behave ethically & have a benign influence on their fellow man, after surely the economic system itself must be benign.

I'm not sure that the human circulation is an great economic model. In the human circulation nearby are organs that receive the majority of blood flow, whilst other areas that receive very little. The principle that clots do not form is that it is policed by an enzyme system that prevents this from happening.

Maybe we already enjoy an economic system that replicates the human circulation.

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