Are at hand any vaccines within pills form so that you dont own to use injection?

i dont want to use injections for my vaccines.are there any vaccines taken from the mouth?in recent times like pills?if yes which are they?facilitate

There is only one, and you've already have it before age 5. Some are trying to find them in inhalant form, where on earth you breathe them in, but they are still researching the usefulness.
Like the other gal said there's only one oral one: it's the polio vaccince, you can find influenza-vaccine inhaled, but the jury is still out on whether it is as effective as the injected one.
The oral polio vaccine is once in a while used in the US as it is an attenuated live virus vaccine. The injected copy is what is used in the US.

There are no oral form of vaccines as the stomach tart would likely denature the proteins that are needed to induce an immune response and thus inoculation and protection.

Nasal ones may work becacuse they are absorbed into the blood through the mucosal short coming into contact with adverse body fluids.
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