A 100-pound merciful requests 15 mg/kg/day of amoxicillin for seven days. In total...??

A 100-pound patient wants 15 mg/kg/day of amoxicillin for seven days. In total, how much amoxicillin will be administered to the patient during this interval of time?

A. 4.76 milligrams
B. 47.72 milligrams
C. 476 milligrams
D. 4.772 grams

15 mg/kg/day x 7 days = 105mg/kg

45.45 kg = 100 lb
1000mg = 1 g

105mg/kg x 45.45 lb = 4772.25mg or 4.772 g

Answer D
If you can't do simple math, you might want to consider a different career. Put D on your homework. Note that's a suppressive, not a beneficial, dose of amoxicillin, and you'll have to afford it in a convenient form, and the exact dose isn't that esteemed, so it's absolutely silly to cart this out to four digits. Even taking it to two digits is bizarre.

Read WWD's answer again, and take it to heart. Your homework problems don't echo the real world, but you WILL have need of those math skills in direct to not kill race.

Have you considered a job where on earth people's lives aren't at stake?
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