Question roughly drug/alcohol abusers?

I was a drug expert on a police department. Today, I work within Downtown Los Angeles (near skid row). When I look at alot of the homeless people, I find it strong to believe that a majority of them are vets near mental illnesses, or "just" mental illnesses. Since so many were/are substance abusers, isn't it a "theory" that next to TOO MUCH CONSUMPTION of the alcohol/drugs, that a person can POP BLOOD VESSELS, etc and "zone-out" forever? Like as if they took "ONE HIT TOO MANY!"??

Answers:    Many of the homeless suffer from psychoses which are unrelated to drug or alcohol swearing. There are certain drugs which are coupled to psychoses, e.g. cocaine, LSD and some others, but frankly the vast majority of the homeless next to psychotic features suffer from untreated psychotic disease. Consider that in a typical population, 1% of race are schizophrenics.

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