Brain Transplant?

If someone where to bring back a brain transplant, would that person still remember the things he did past the transplant? Or will there be investigational memories?..

Transplanting a brain would be like transplanting a kidney. If the donor kidney have spots on it; then it would other have spots. The spots are fragment of the physical makeup of the donor kidney.

A donor brain would work the same process. Memories are encoded into cells (or networks of cells) chemically (and electrochemically as they are accessed). So memories are part of the pack of the physical structure of the brain. Putting a donor brain into a new body would present the recipient alien memories and a new identity. This creature would no longer "feel" like like person, or remember alike childhood. He would be, literally, a new man.

Weird thought, eh?
Definitely the memories are surrounded by the brain and will follow it.
as far as people can notify most of the memories will go near the brain,
sometimes emotional things, close to the love of a particular food, will shift with the body.
but the technology is not reasonably there on the other hand to be able to do that sort of item, but soon it might be.
Instead of worrying about brain transplants, let worry in the region of how to download out minds into computers.
wait for a first brain transplant ! afterwards u will kno .lol
I hope you understand the 'person' getting the brain transplant would no longer exist
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