General anaesthesia interactions?

Would THC in the bloodstream raison d`¨ētre any negative interraction beside general anaesthesia... i'm have an operation tomorrow and i smoked on saturday

I'm a doctor, and an anesthesiologist at that.

There is a chance that at hand may be some synergy between the THC and anesthetics, but probably not. Tell your anesthesiologist. We hate surprises, and we've hear WAY worse than that.

I'd be more concerned about respiratory problems from the smoke. You might try to hack up a lung when you rouse up. We know who the smokers are.

Tell your anesthesiologist about ALL drugs - prescribed, recreational, over-the-counter, herbal - because any of them can interact or influence what we do.

Good luck near the surgery.
You'd best ask your surgeon, and do it now. In bag you haven't noticed, no doctors ever answer question on this site.
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