Do dopamine agonists and dopamine releasers rationale euphoric sensations?

Yes, absolutely!

Dopaminergenic agents will rationale a lot of euphoria. Cigarettes, cocaine, methamphetamine, caffeine - adjectives of these cause a sense of euphoria (albeit contained by different ways, but they all increase dopamine and euphoria is the primary after effect).

A really flawless example is orgasm. When you have an orgasm, dopamine level in your brain skyrocket, later slowly come back to everyday. If you are taking any dopaminergenic agent, it will increase the effect of the euphoria. Why do you think its so adjectives to "smoke after sex;" trust me it feels honest.

Eating fatty foods also increases dopamine. After eating a Big Mac at hand is nothing similar to smoking a cigarette - it's extremely pleasurable to the brain and mildly euphoric.

L-DOPA, as far as I know, should cause **Some** euphoric effect, but not a full lot.

As for the Anti-depressants, definitely yes. Ever hear of Wellbutrin (bupropion)? Really all that stuff is, is a cathinone-structured phenethylamine that increases dopamine surrounded by the brain. It does cause a sense of euphoria and *some* amphetamine-like effects.

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