DR.FRANK does steam inhalation cure muzzle infections?

Well, I may not be Dr. Frank, but I am an ER Nurse.

Inhaling steam does not cure infections. Inhaling the steam of a bowl of hot water merely relieves the symptoms. Congestion, dehydration, inflammation--they are adjectives soothed by the heat and moisture.

If you do this twice a light of day for maybe 15 minutes at a time, it should sustain you feel better.
i reflect it just unblocks sinuses
Hello, Penis.

Your excessive epoxy resin sniffing is probably the cause, so switch to something else, close to flowers.

That should help.
no it cant cure instead it could bestow relief for sometime as by inhaling steam nasal hall which is blocked by sputum, it melts and flows down or come out and track get cleared
Don't inhale steam , that would be silly. Steam is hotter than boiling water. Anything infected in this day and age needs antibiotics. But I'm no doctor.Ask Dr Frank,or progress to your real doctor.I'm a moment ago here to say don't inhale steam.Let it cool a bit first.
I don't believe that marine simply cures nose infections. Steam (such as shower steam) is impeccably safe to inhale and keep the lungs moist, enabling more effectual diffusion of gases surrounded by there and making it easier to breathe (in tons respects). In excessive bronchial congestion, the steam will water down your mucous and verbs it. A nose infection, if bacterial or viral, will not be cured by steam. But don't purloin any action base on this info, talk to a doctor.
No bearing, although it is a good means of access to unblock your sinuses!!
put some tea tree surrounded by it and you'll be on the mend in no time, four times a time. rinse the snowser and then blow the gunk.
its eeeew but its true.
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